Connecting in the global world of OT

When I became an occupational therapist in the 1990s, electronic tools such as email were just emerging. The world has certainly changed over the span of a few decades! Whereas a few may disagree, I think the changes that have occurred as a result of the development and expansion of technologies has had a positive impact on our daily lives, especially in being able to connect with one another.

In thinking about World OT Day, I truly appreciate how online technologies and social media have connected me with a dynamic, inspiring group of OTs who I would otherwise never have been able to “meet.” Through a combination of Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, I learn from my international colleagues – ranging from OT students, practitioners, academicians, and researchers – everyday!

This wonderful groups includes:











…and others!!

The things I learn from my global colleagues includes:

  • issues facing OTs around the world
  • teaching resources
  • practice-related information
  • the many and varied creative interests of OTs
  • resources, resources, resources!!!

It is truly hard to imagine my daily and professional life without this connection. And with events like the OT Virtual Exchange, I know we will only to continue to grown, learn and connect…together!!!

Happy World OT Day!!!!

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One Response to Connecting in the global world of OT

  1. kirstyes says:

    Just catching up on the Blog Carnival. Thanks for the mention. I agree, the connections I have made have been a wonderful resource and have made me really feel a sense of belonging to this wonderful profession of ours.

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