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Professors as entertainers? Certainly engagers!

Jeff Solingo’s article this morning in The Chronicle of Higher Ed, Pay Attention in Class,  certainly poses some interesting discussion points. Some key points that he addresses include: The amount of distractions such as Facebook students have available to them during classes due to technology The … Continue reading

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Carl Sagan, Women Explorers, and OT

In honor what would have been  Carl Sagan’s 77th birthday, @Lettersof Note posted a letter from Carl Sagan sent to members of the Explorers Club. Written in 1981, Dr. Sagan implores the club members to admit women into its membership, providing numerous … Continue reading

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My breakup letter to my former smartphone

Dear Mr. Smartphone: I don’t know if this will come as a surprise to you, but I have grown restless in our relationship. It has been gradual and I have wavered about this decision, but I think the time has … Continue reading

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