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What do you look for in an applicant to OT school?

Every year during the admissions process, the same question tends to be asked in various ways: What do you look for in a future OT student? What qualities do you think make the strongest OT program candidates? What does the … Continue reading

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Professors as entertainers? Certainly engagers!

Jeff Solingo’s article this morning in The Chronicle of Higher Ed, Pay Attention in Class,  certainly poses some interesting discussion points. Some key points that he addresses include: The amount of distractions such as Facebook students have available to them during classes due to technology The … Continue reading

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Publishing Purgatory – R&R

I recognized the name of the sender of the email. Anticipation built as I prepared to open the message….was the editor of the journal to which I had submitted one of my first articles going to tell me that it … Continue reading

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